Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good-bye to Graham Barnes

After much deliberation, we came to the decision last month to change our distillery name to Treaty Oak Distilling Co. (formally Graham Barnes  Distilling).  It wasn't an easy decision as we've been doing business under Graham Barnes for several years now.  However, as we release new and different products (such as Waterloo Gin and Starlight Vodka), we want to make sure that we tie the products together better.  That brought us to focusing strongly on our distillery's public-facing name, and Treaty Oak Distilling simply felt like a better fit.  Plus, it allows our Treaty Oak Rum products to be further featured as our flagship products. 

Just wanted to give everybody a head's up about what we're doing...and here are a couple of pics of our upcoming releases: 

Waterloo Gin should be hitting shelves very soon.  We're just waiting for our final label approval.
 Treaty Oak aged will be hitting Austin shelves in November in a very limited initial release.  

Thanks for supporting craft distilling in Texas!

-Daniel Barnes